Nena reveals the magic of The Warning

YouTube channel Psychology of Rock provides an excellent break down of the meaning of the lyrics to The Warning's song "DISCIPLE" with some great insights

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I feel like this is one of the best informative videos about The Warning on YouTube. Interesting enough one of her other videos about The Warning is another one. I absolutely love what she says here and presents it. Obviously, she’s highly educated, and her videos are using her expertise to create some fantastic content.

Back to DPA and the song. She nails it. Most people talking about this song get stuck on a surface view of the song and will miss the full meaning. I remember one person getting excited over the lyrics “Kill the system. Kill the man. Take the power from their hands” taking that as an immediate reference to government along with additional influence by the use of military styles in the video. Although, such is understandable it only appears that way on the surface. Yet this is the magic of DPA and their songwriting. You won’t get the full meaning behind their music stopping at the surface.

Most people enthusiastically relate to the fight against government tyranny thing, but as Pau has explained the song relates to the impact of social media and it’s really the overall impact of social media that’s “the man.” When thinking about this host Nena explains it so clearly that the depth of DPA’s thinking when they create songs is so evident.

I’ve said it before, and I’ve told a few reactors that The Warning use a lot of metaphors in their music. You won’t really get these amazing sisters until you recognize this about their music. We experience DPA laughing, having fun and being silly, but these ladies are very intelligent, deep-thinking people.

One cannot limit The Warning to just heavy metal, in your face, get wild and crazy rock music. They are so much more than that. This is what excites me so much about Dany, Pau, and Ale. To look at them one would never suspect it of these three young women.

Again, this is a part of The Warning’s magic. It’s why I love how they’re influencing the youth. They’re not influencing kids to get lost in alcoholism, drugs, hateful attitudes and behavior. Instead, they’re influencing them to be caring, humble, music loving people with hope for the world.

Just consider the environment in which they’re doing it in, for that matter. Don’t take this as a negative judgement on the metal music scene, but parents are able to and happy to bring their underage children to The Warning’s concerts. There’s a reason for that. It’s simply amazing!

Very, very few music artists are pulling off what The Warning are doing. This is no accident. When people say they are the real deal, DPA are truly a brand-new force.

You can’t compare them to any other band of any era because no other band has done what they’re doing. This is the magic of The Warning. Long live DPA!

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