Cool new interview with Dany of The Warning

YouTube channel Heavy New York sat down with Daniela Villarreal of The Warning during the Aftershock2022 Festival to chat about The Warning's new music.

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Typically, when The Warning get interviewed the whole band is present for the interview. Occasionally, one of the sisters won't be present for some understandable reason, but it's a rare occasion when just one sister is available to chat. I'm sure there were normal reasons why only Dany attended this interview, yet it was a bit refreshing to hear from just one sister. Naturally, Dany handled it like the articulate professional that she is.

For the most part the interview was of generic music band interview content. I was impressed with the reporter's presentation and line of questioning. He was reasonably well prepared and didn't seem totally lost regarding The Warning and their music. His delivery was warm, friendly and focused on his interviewee. I've observed a few reporters attempting to be over-the-top excitedly entertaining. In most of those cases their efforts fall flat with me, but that's just me.

Although, not surprising I found Dany's answers and presence reflective of her intelligence, amiable personality, professionalism and experience with the whole interviewing process. She easily puts interviewers at ease with her welcoming demeaner. I could see in Alex's (interviewer) expression that he was comfortable and relaxed chatting with her.

As a long-time fan following The Warning, I'm familiar with their song writing process, yet the way Dany explains it here, I've never quite heard it that way before. Enlightening it provided me a clearer understanding. His questioning on the subject was helpful in giving Dany a direction from which she could explain how she and her sisters work. Very refreshing!

All in all I enjoyed this interview more than others I've seen. A lot of this has to do with the high level of skill in the interviewing process that each brought to the chat. Glad that I stumbled across it. Here's hoping you will enjoy it, too!

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