Open Letter To The Warning

Dear Dany, Pau and Ale,

I so love you and your music. You know I so love you and your music. It hurts my heart to write this because I love you so much.

In regard to the new remix you have coming out of CHOKE featuring grandson & zero. Please note my official response.

What have you done? Actually, why did you do this? It's not that I'm trying to tell you what kind of music you want to put out. It's just that this is the kind of music that I escape from when I listen to your music.

Quite literally, this collaboration with these two "guys" is the exact opposite of what makes your music so appealing to many of your very fans, myself included.

Seriously, this is really, really difficult for me to take. After seven years of being so excited about you because it was like you were bringing real music back, you come with this tragic rip on an outstanding song. I'm devastated. My soul hurts.

Stepping on "Choke" like this is an insult to all of your music. That's how bad it is.

No. I don't like what you've done to this incredible song. That sorry rap takes away from the core meaning of the song. I listen to your music because I don't want to hear a rap break in the middle of a song.

Distorted vocals? It's bad enough with those guys' crappy vocals, but did you have to mess with Dany's incredible singing on this song? Her powerful vocals are one of the elements that make this song so fantastic. It was the first thing to hit me the first time I heard this song.

What's up with that electronic beat blotting out Pau's killer drumming that gives this song its sledgehammer beat? Really? Why do you think we fans are so amazed with Pau? We want to hear her play drums. Not having their thunder being shoved to the background while some electronic device provides the song's rhythm.

I shouldn't be surprised that a couple of men would step all over the essence of The Warning. Truly they are no David Bendeth.

You just got done with a tour featuring your amazing rock music that was blowing the minds of rock fans at every stop. So, what do you follow that with before hitting the road again to knock out more fans? An attack on your first single from your incredible album Error. WTF

I understand that you are free to create any music you want that makes you happy. I can't tell you what kind of music you should make. I do know what kind of music that I like and dislike and your music is something I really love very much.

Okay, so you wanted to try something different and have a little fun. Who can argue against that? I can't, but I can't tolerate this desecration of a masterpiece of music. I won't be buying or streaming this song. Especially in the name of The Warning.

I still support you and love your music because I know that you have tons of music that's way more appealing than this experiment. Please reassure me and all of your loyal fans that this is not the future direction of your music. Please?

Sincerely, your longtime fan



PRE-SAVE CHOKE feat grandson & Zero 9:36 (link in bio) !🤘🏼 #newsong #lipsync

♬ CHOKE - The Warning & grandson & Zero 9:36
It's so much fun watching this crazy video clip promoting your song. I love it, but it's not enough to convince me to invest in this disappointing remix.

Update: I'm very happy that the song/video has received big positive support and reviews. I still hate it.

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