Maybe it was the one-two punch of the decade of Reagan followed by the decade of Clinton that left our country reeling.  With the Bush’s thriving on the Iraq formula, we had very little fight left after getting the Black Guy into the White House.  Weren’t we all surprised when he balked on the forty acres and a mule promise?  Turns out Moses wasn’t black after all.

I dunno.  Somewhere during all of that apathy became the national pastime.  We only gave it pause for triggers made by media blitzes telling us what to believe because thinking is hard.

Ain’t it enough that we made it through another rush hour to be home in time for internet-based TV programing to serve us our daily lives? Who really cares if apathy wins?

Come on. Give us a break.  We kicked that reality TV guy off the hill.  Doesn’t that mean we won?  What more do you want from us?