For a small piece of paper it carries a lot of weight
For a small piece of paper it carries a lot of weight
Me and Bears featuring Alexandria Hampton
Me and Bears

Bears are okay in the winter time, but in the summer it's a whole new ballgame.
The bears stayed home this summer opting not to take their annual sabbatical up north. Instead I was treated to their constant partying out on the deck never letting the camp fire grow dim and the barbeque grill always cooking something. Week after week it was the same songs sung with drunken passion as they filled their faces and bellies. Would that keg ever run dry?

I quickly tired of their visit and wished vainly as such for a time when they would lose interest in that boorish activity and wander off into the streets only to pass out wherever their big carcasses taking up more than a bed space would land. A city in siege we'd have to look for some other means of transportation. It was getting that time of night and I still hadn't done my laundry.

Not one to just stand around and let the city lights blind me I began my search for an answer to the meaning of this bear question. It was one yard sale after another until two wise men told me that the bears were God's answer to our flesh driven prayers. They said bluntly, "We get what we ask for," and that the bears were here because we honor them so I was going to have to make up a new vision in order for them to leave.

Remembering this it was all I could do to make up a reason to vacation over in the valley. Unable to find a clear path I decided to forgo the high road and make my way using the customary low road. This, too, would prove to be a tedious journey, but once out there I was in no shape to go back so on and on I went. Some cars are made that way which made it a little easier for me to regain my balance.

I started thinking about the bears in a whole new light and I realized that it was only their lack of grace in the way they set about their partying that was causing most of the aggravation. Bears would be bears, as it were, so who am I to grouse about the way they party? Now this whole thing was beginning to waste another good meal and I hadn't really come up with any new methods of bear removal. Could then this be the answer? Maybe I should just let the bears stay.

If there was going to be anything new to learn from this it was a lesson that was going to have to be taught much later in the week. My head was full of the sports mystery and I was having too much trouble concentrating on how to fix my deck to be taking in another wayward thought. Bears can do that to a person. And they won't give the action much consideration when they do it. They just fall on you and expect someone else to clean up the mess.

All and all my summer could have been better, but one can only guess at how things will turn out. We all know the truth is that none of us really can see that far, but it's much fun to pretend we do so it's a common human trait. If anything I'm as common as they come so it was about me only wanting to get a better place in the sun. Well, I made it that far.

The leaves of autumn have begun filling my deck, now and with the exception of a few well placed grunts the bears have contented themselves with laying around the yard and scarring off the post man. If I could only teach them to rake I'd be happy. Wonder how soon winter will set in. That time of year the bears are on their best behavior.

I'm going to take the sunset easier this year. We had a full time as it passed and I just want to find out if what I thought I saw was really the true indication of where I am going. With all the trouble those bears have caused one would think that I would be somewhat more of a freak, but I can't really say that I would come around anyway so this is what we've got.

I believe that I could have gotten more from the journey, but I'm a bit of a sloth when I should be churning the ice cream so it comes down to how one uses it. Besides, the truth being told it really isn't about the bears after all.


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