Politics Girl: Republicans Don't Want Leaders

This may be one of her best "breakfast rant" video clips. No pulled punches or nice words. The best part is she's 100% correct.

The Republicans' plan of running "Sambo" Herschel Walker to unseat Senator Raphael Warnock in Georgia is the biggest and most clear indication that the GOP is not in the least bit concerned with sending actual qualified representatives to govern our nation. Instead, their only goal is to have a seated majority so that they can create an authoritarian run nationalist government.

I'm posting this video not so much as to promote it, as I am letting it be known that I'm in 110% agreement with her message. It's one that I've been saying for years.

If there was any doubt that the Republicans are trying to serve the needs of the United States public their mid-term election strategies are proof that's not the case. Their only goal is the power that comes with political control of the USA.

This is NOT "just politics." This is a battle for the Sovreign Democracy of the United States of America.

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