Today has been a struggle. Mix of emotions up and down along with the crushing weight of frustration. I don’t win this on my own.

No. Don’t tell me you’re here for me because you’re not. No one is.

Stop suggesting I reach out. Who’s reaching out to me? Not you.

I got texts from people on the other side of the moon but see not one face locally.

It’s not just me. How many others are feeling this same pain? Way more than you can comprehend because it’s just how we are as a society. We’re not geared that way. I think sacrificing for others fell out of fashion in the 80’s and by the turn of the century it was just something that we used to do like make calls from a telephone booth.

Technology changes so many things, but texts can’t compare to the human touch. Anyway, I do have a furbaby.

So, it’s been a rough day. Such a hard conflict of emotions it threw me into an anxiety attack. I can’t even experience joy anymore. Like I said. A rough day.