Epitaph -I Am Somebody

I wrote the following in reference to my experiences from employment in various jobs throughout my life including those performed from positions of leadership. Despite the circumstances being different, it relates to personal experiences as well.

This is a summation of my feelings as I reflect on life. Just as my story is yet complete this shouldn't be construed as a complete dialogue regarding my experiences.


You know what?

I was correct, but they ignored my advice because I wasn’t deemed trained and qualified.

After everything had fallen apart because they wouldn’t back or listen to me, they had two days’ worth of meetings, studies and analysis only to discover what I told them right from the start. Did they recognize me for this? No!

It wasn’t the first time this had happened to me. Things that could’ve changed my employment and career path. I was correct many times, but not listened to. Times that could’ve impacted my job performance and career. I was ignored. I was considered the wrong person to present such knowledge.

So, I struggled most my working life to get paid.

Retired now. Got no pot of gold from retirement savings I was never able to accumulate. Just trying to survive for a while.

One day I’ll be gone, and someone will look around and realize I was correct and that they should’ve listened to me.

Probably not, but I’ll still be correct. Maybe I’m not a failure. Maybe I’m not the wrong person. Maybe it wasn’t really my fault or maybe, just maybe I am somebody.


This is how they do a brother. This is how they try to keep us in check.

Yo, I ain't gone under, yet. As long as I'm breathing, I still got power. (declaration)

Legacies, you know?


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