We can do better. We can do much better, but that requires risks. We won’t take risks. We think we can mitigate them simply by running to voting booths, but that method is lined with mines and looked after by people who have outside interests. Time and lives are being lost and will continue to be lost. I recognized this year that I’m alone in these feelings and can’t do anything about it except live with the pain. Just one more reason I wish I was dead. I hate living in this world like this.

Those of us on the left are too scared to try. Too scared to sacrifice. We'd rather let another child drown. I’ve no respect for this type of behavior. Either we do or we sit passively while another child is destroyed. We are shameful in our lack of desire to really do whatever is necessary. I’m going to an early grave from this pain.

Despite child sex abuse complaints, judge orders child to home where crime... occurred

"(Embattled Judge Jeffrey Cashe, who became internationally known for awarding custody of a child born from a rape to the rapist, is once again facing backlash over decisions he made in a different custody case."