Deb has an adorable smile & fantastic tattoo

My friend Deb has the most adorable smile and a fantastic tattoo. To go along with it she has a cute nick name, too. So, I asked her about it.

Me: How long has your tattoo been complete?
Deb: Two years
Me: How long did it take for it to be made?
Deb: 15 hours all together
Me: How many sessions did it take?
Deb: Five.
Me: I'm assuming the same artist did all sessions. Am I correct?
Deb: Yes

Me: Okay, now tell me about this nickname Sushi Girl?
Deb: Back in 1995 I had on a mermaid Halloween costume. A co-worker said, "Fresh sushi!" I told my other co-worker, and he reminded me about the song "Sushi Girl" by The Tubes and started calling me that.

Me: Looks like it stuck
Was the Sushi Girl signature tattoo done by the same artist?
Deb: No
Me: Can I make pictures of it?
Deb: You should.


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