2 Artists Back Then

Back then I was mainly focused on what I was trying to accomplish. Not much attention was given to their specific input. So, when revisiting this set the other day, I found a nice surprise. Ash and Patricia are very good artists who are very comfortable in front of a camera. For the first time I realized how good of a job they did providing interesting poses. If my execution had been better, we could've made some very strong images.

Summer Of 42 featuring Ash & Patricia
Star Language featuring Ash & Patricia

This set was made when I was still working regularly with Ash. Her friend and fellow creative Patricia joined us for this session inside a storage room where I set up a backdrop of random items on a wall and used a lighting style designed to mimic a spotlight.

Soul Finger featuring Ash & Patricia
Secret Secrets featuring Ash & Patricia

As a means of exercising my post editing skills I've been diving back into photos snapped years ago when I was much more active and making new pictures from never before used snaps or re-mastering those previously processed to mostly positive mixed results.

Previously Untitled featuing Ash & Patricia
Cinema Show featuring Ash & Patricia
Asking For A Friend featuring Ash & Patricia
American Woman featuring Patricia
convictions featuring Patrica
Best Caption Wins featuring Ash & Patricia
Planet rock featuring Ash & Patricia


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